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Although I was born in the US, my family moved to Mexico when I was still very young.  After growing up in my Dad’s restaurants, I moved back to the US and attended ACC culinary school. I don't consider myself an especially talented chef, but Ive been fortunate to learn from some really hard working and dedicated people. When you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. RDB is all about bringing together what Ive learned working in Austin, and the culture and history that I bring with me from Mexico!


Ramen Garage

After graduating culinary school I built an R&D space in my family’s garage to experiment and figure out some kind of identity in my cooking. Before I knew it I was making way too much food for just myself, and added some stools and tables for seating. At first it was just friends and coworkers, but people started inquiring and before I knew it I was running an underground pop up shop twice a month. It started slow, but with a lot of help and little hard work it started to take off. I went from struggling to find 15 guaranteed guests to having a waitlist of up to 400 people for some events. It has always been a professional goal of mine to have my own business, and while I didn't know Id be doing so at age 24, when the opportunity came I jumped on it without hesitation. 

Ramen del Barrio

RDB is Chef Chris Krinsky's first fully operating restaurant, partnering with Chef John Gocong of Osome. We combine Japanese Technique and Mexican flavors to bring something new, yet oddly familiar to Austin diners. Irrashaimase y buen provecho!

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